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Ilife Consulting,
A Clinical Research Organization (CRO)

devoted to serve your thriving business


Ilife Consulting is a committed, highly trained team, which aims to assist businesses in clinical development, from start-up to close-out.


ILC was Founded in 2013 by Marina Iché , who has many years of experience in clinical research conduct and management.


The team comprises 5 employees (3 PM, 1 CRA and 1 assistant), and is expected to grow in the near future.

Why is Ilife consulting different ?
ILC specifically targets biotech companies
ILC is a dedicated and efficient team, striving to meet the specific needs of each project
Direct contact with your team and cost effective services give us high reactivity and secures cost effectiveness
ILC customises specific tools to provide real-time control of your project
“ILC’s aim is to be a real partner in your development activities”

Management of your clinical trials from start-up to close-out.

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Development and implementation of clinical strategy.

Support and implementation of stategic advice in regulatory process.

Quality management activities in clinical research.

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